Moving Day

We moved out of our Provo apartment on Wednesday, August 28th and really couldn't have done it without the help of our friends.

We got everything boxed up beforehand and even started saran wrapping our big pieces of furniture.

On Wednesday morning, Aaron went to get the first Ubox (like a pod system where you load it up and then Uhaul ships it to your destination for you).  Boy, are those Uboxes small.  We had two of them so Aaron and the guys really had to play tetris to fit everything in them.   Meanwhile, I manned the inside of the apartment and directed the cleaning.  Thank goodness I was only 20 weeks pregnant or else I don't know if I could have done all the on all fours kind of cleaning that I was doing.  And we couldn't have done it without the help of our neighbor Lauren, who stuck it out till the bitter end with us.
We took our traditional, awkward "stand in the middle of the empty apartment one last time" photo.  See our last move here
Leaving an apartment always makes you think about the memories that you created there.  We lived in Aspenwood #2 for a year exactly and in that time we experienced many adventures, some of which I've documented here before on the blog:

Holding mini photo sessions where I practiced using our new camera (here and here)
I turned 25 and Aaron turned 25.
Scenes around the house. (here and here)
Where Aaron did most our dishes (sans a dishwasher) and cooked so many of our meals.
Scenes of daily life, including late night planning/grading sessions for me and accounting studying for Aaron (here and here)
Aaron graduating from BYU.
Nerf gun wars.
Making friends with our neighbors and ward.
Training for a half marathon.
Learning we are having our first baby.
Going on walks around the neighborhood.
Celebrating holidays.
Babysitting our nieces and nephews.

This Aspenwood apartment has been good to us and we will miss the friends that we made here.

We drove out of Provo by 3 pm, which we felt was pretty good timing for an all in one day move.  Thankfully, we just drove to St. George that day and then got to spend a relaxing weekend with Aaron's family before driving the whole way California.  That night, Aaron and I both crashed on the bed and fell asleep fully clothed and with the light on.  It was all exhausting but successful.

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