Aaron got even wiser on March 10 {a birthday summary}

March 10th marked Aaron's 25th birthday and it was so nice to celebrate it on a Sunday.

After morning church meetings and home teaching, we sat down to a feast of a birthday breakfast.  Aaron's so funny--I wanted to be a good wife and make it all for him, but he's so darn helpful (and much better at things like bacon and hash browns) that he had such a hard time staying out of the kitchen and being pampered.
We had a wonderful time at church (we had such an amazing lesson on our divine potential and I left feeling so inspired) and then headed to dinner at Matt and Sherri's, Aaron's aunt and uncle.

I had made my Grandma Raty's traditional chocolate cake with whipped cream layers and brought it with us.  My grandma has made this cake more times than you can image and my mom kept up the tradition through our whole childhood.  Us Stewart kids would request this cake for every birthday and major event.  I was really pleased that Aaron requested this cake for his birthday, and although I don't make it near as well as my mom or Grandma yet, I don't think it turned out too shabby.  Aaron says it reminds him of a giant oreo--his favorite treat.
Oh and we didn't bring candles so Matt and Sherri found a number 7 candle and we justified it by adding Aaron's 2 and 5 together.  It works, right?

Happy Birthday, my love!  Just think back to the first birthday season we spent together six years ago as freshmen babies!  You first told me you loved me two days before my birthday and then I helped blindfold you, stuff you in a trunk and land you at a birthday bonfire for yours (you are much more of a romantic than me ;)).  We spent three birthdays together through our birthday packages and now have had two more in wedded bliss.  Every birthday season brings more maturity and a deepening appreciation for each other.  I cherish you above all else and love you more and more with every passing year.

And hey, you age well.  Can't wait see what you look like when you're 85 ;)

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