Madeline's Wedding {St. George Trip}

We headed down to St. George on Friday afternoon for Aaron's cousin Madeline's wedding.  Aaron picked me up from school and we went straight from there.  We had these happy guys to talk with the whole way down...
...and arrived at MiMi and Papa's house around 8:30 pm.  Despite the fact that both MiMi and Papa had been out of town until a couple hours before we arrived, they made dinner for us. We even got to be the ones to break in MiMi and Papa's new motorhome!  We love getting to spend time with them.

On Saturday morning we headed over to the St. George Temple and were able to witness Madeline and Taylor's beautiful sealing.  Aaron always teases me for getting all "sappy" at weddings, but I just can't help it.

So here is a slew of wedding photos.  The cardboard cut out of Madeline's brother James was just in case he didn't make it back in time from his tennis match for the pictures.  Luckily, James got to the temple but everyone still had fun with the cut out.

The day was warm and sunny but not too too hot.  It was so fun to see these little lovebirds enjoying their day and to have the family dressed up and looking so dapper (aren't the bow ties great?)

The sealing was followed by a luncheon at a local golf course.  We had Cafe Rio--best luncheon food of all time!  And I loved hearing the speeches made in behalf of the newlyweds.

We were all pretty tired after the wedding festivities and because the sun was still out, we decided to hit the pool at Aaron's grandparents' condo.  So while the boys played basketball and tennis, we girls laid by the pool and took naps.  My white body missed the sun.  It was just what I needed in the middle of March where there are no long weekends or real vacation time.
We ended the night getting pizza and watching Skyfall.
Sunday morning we attended church with MiMi and Papa and then headed back up to Provo.  Unfortunately, Provo is several degrees colder than St. George but hopefully come Spring Break in two weeks it will be warmer!

We are so happy for Madeline and Matt and Sherri's whole family.  We have grown quite attached to them after living in Provo these past 6+ years.  Boy, we will miss them and our whole Provo extended family come August when we move.  That's why these weekends are totally worth it--we are soaking up extended family time as much as possible!

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