day in monochrome.

Saturday I decided to shoot our day in black and white because I just realized my camera could do that (probably obvious to everyone else). 

This was about the best Saturday morning we have had in a long time.  It was all laziness.  We got to sleep in, wake up without alarms and then just talk in bed until we wanted to get up.  We then slowly cleaned, graded, and made german pancakes.

We hung around the house until the late afternoon when we had the opportunity to attend the Provo Temple to see Aaron's cousin Madeline receive her endowments.  Madeline will be marrying her fiance, Taylor, next week in St. George!  These two did the waiting and letter writing as well.  I feel a special bond with any couple that "makes it" and are so excited for them :)
We finished off the night celebrating Aaron's birthday a day early.  Aaron decided that he wanted some good, old fashioned bowling fun and called up the guys to come along.  Oh how thankful I am that "the guys" now have wonderful wives and fiances that come too!  Aaron decided half way through to bet our lane against the other friend lane--we realized our demise almost immediately when practically each person on the other team got strikes their first go around.
These kinds of Saturdays are just what you need to rejuvenate--slow mornings, spiritual renewal and good friends.  


  1. What were the stakes of the bet? I also went bowling on Saturday night and our stakes were that the losing team had to let the winning team write their initials on our necks with Sharpies for church on Sunday. Huge stakes. My team lost.

    1. So crazy you bet over bowling on Saturday night too. This explains the "new tat" on instagram I was wondering about ;)

      We said that the loser would have to buy the winners desserts at Kneaders (they are half off on Saturday nights). We finished our bowling at 10:30 pm though so by the time we got to Kneaders it was closed. The winners let us off the hook for now, but we'll see if that was for good or not!