Monday night walk and randomness

We took a walk around our streets last night and the warmth was wonderful.  I'm really going to love living around Center Street come summertime.  So many quaint houses and good restaurants within walking distances. 

I brought my camera on our walk and wanted to practice taking light-streamed pictures.  It's a style I've come to love.  Aaron is pretty good at humoring me with picture taking these days but after a few pictures we just put the camera away and talked about life.  And the possibility of chaperoning Timpview's prom this week....is it weird that I'm excited about this?  I really get a thrill out of seeing high school drama from a distance and this could be the drama highlight of the year!   Plus I want to see all my cute kids glammed up like movie stars. Oh and I am particularly interested in comparing my California prom to a Utah prom.  I have a sneaky suspicion they will be quite different.  I'll find out tomorrow if they need us. 

So moral of the story: walks are sweet.  summer is coming.  chaperoning prom is a possibility. and life is good. 

Oh and p.s. school ends in exactly one month from today--crazy?! yes. 


  1. Sounds like a perfect day! And your pictures have gotten so good! Do you feel like your class helped? How fun if you get to chaperon prom :)

  2. Thanks Aimee! My class was great for teaching me the basics of my DSLR and getting me to switch in the manual mode (I hardly use the automatic settings at all anymore). I want to take another class in composition and lighting but we will see when that happens :)