Brad in Spain!

My younger brother Brad is off enjoying himself on a study abroad in Spain.  While I am totally happy that he gets to have this experience, I am starting to get quite jealous that he is there and that I am here. He has been sending home these descriptive e-mails about his adventures and these beautiful pictures and it's all becoming quite cruel (in a not cruel at all way but still in a jealous older-sister-kind-of way).  

Can't we all just go to Spain and see these pretty lookout points and castles?
The LDS Temple in Spain!
 And maybe the most cruel picture of them all...
...gelato served as a flower!  To quote Brad in his last e-mail, "I know it's not like you can all drop everything and come to Europe but you really should.  Just for the gelato."

One day I will see you too, Spain!  And until then, have so much fun Brad and keep taking pictures so I can live through you!

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