Provo City 5k

Audrey and I ran the Provo City 5k this past weekend.  Neither of us were looking to win the darn thing (I kind of laugh thinking of ever winning my age group) or even to get our personal best times. At this point we were just looking to finish and to do the best we could with the circumstances we were dealt.  I didn't run the whole week prior due to knee problems and Audrey has been experiencing unfortunate migraines.  Regardless of excuses though, we showed up at the starting line and ran with all that we had that day.
This is now the fourth 5k we've done together (Rex Lee Run, Thanksgiving Point Love your Body Run, Walnut Creek's Turkey Trot and now Provo City) in addition to doing a half marathon in our more ambitious days.  We enjoy it for really two reasons.  First, we are much more motivated to exercise when we have some kind of a race to prepare for. And second, we just love being out with the community.  I love running side by side with complete strangers in a common goal.  I love that police block off the roads for the runners--we are more powerful than the cars for once!  I love that random Provo-ites make signs and stand on the side of the road to cheer all of us on.  I love running in to the finish line and talking with people as you all grab for water and oranges. It's just fun.

Thanks Audrey for signing us up!

Now, I just need to figure out how I am going to run 13.1 miles next month :)

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