The Turkey Trot {Thanksgiving 2012}

We started Thanksgiving morning bright and early by participating in the Walnut Creek Turkey Trot.  Supposedly this race is on its 20th year--totally unbeknownst to us Stewarts who happily were sleeping in all those previous 19 years.

Besides the fact that only two of us had done any kind of running before the race, and the fact that the boys missed their morning football (sore subject) and the fact that I was seriously sore for, um, a good 5 days it really was a great experience all around. 

The adults ran in the 5k and 10k, Oliver did a 1/2 mile and Remy/Addy/Henry all did the 100 yard dash.   

I loved running through the downtown area of Walnut Creek.  It was beautiful weather and I had fun feeling like I was apart of the Walnut Creek community again.  I even ran into a couple people I knew--including Anna Lai!  

All in all, it was great.  Aaron and I were definitely done for for the rest of Thanksgiving though.  We soaked in a hot tub and took naps, but finished the day strong with an absolutely amazing Thanksgiving meal from my wonderful mama.  

And now for the game faces.  
Lets be honest though...

...Ginny is definitely the most intimidating of them all

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