To the mothers in our lives...

We owe you for everything.  We admire you for all you have given us.  We appreciate your examples.  We are only now beginning to realize all that you have done for us.

First, to our wonderful grandmas who raised our parents to love us and raise us right--we love you!  And even once your children were raised, you continued mothering them and their children (us!).  We appreciate your life of service to your family!
And to our mothers who gave birth to us, taught us all we know and continue to look after us.  Words cannot express our love and gratitude. Thanks for being our wonderful examples and dear friends.
^^I love this shot of the grandkids. Mom's expression just proves she can roll with the punches^^
And to my wonderful sisters who are mothers.  You teach me so much about how to be a good mother and I really look up to the women you have become.  

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!  

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  1. I love you too, Aaron and Caroline. Thank you for the wonderful tribute! Love, Mom McKell