And we're having a GIRL!!

We had our 20 week ultrasound a touch early because we were moving to California during my 20th week.  So at 19 1/2 weeks we were able to find out that we are having a baby GIRL, and we already think she is the sweetest, cutest thing around.

We had been anticipating this doctor's appointment like crazy.  Neither of us felt like we really knew what the baby's gender was and couldn't wait to start imagining life even more clearly with this baby.

Probably even more pressing though than finding out the gender was wanting to know that the baby was healthy.  I hadn't felt the baby kick yet and naturally my mind assumed the worst.  I wanted proof that the baby was healthy and moving around in there like he/she should be.  So I was happily surprised/relieved when the ultrasound came up on the screen for us to see a big baby (at least big compared to the little dot we saw at 8 weeks!) that was moving around and kicking!  Turns out that the placenta is attached on the front of my stomach, making any kicks difficult to feel.  No wonder I hadn't felt anything!  Such a relief!

The ultrasound technician (Robin, who was made for this job!) took all the measurements and walked us through each part of the baby's body.  Everything is looking perfect.

Aaron was saying loving the whole experience.  I loved having Aaron there, holding my hand and squeezing it every time we learned something new about the baby.  He is quite thrilled that this baby is a girl.   I started writing down some of his first comments because I thought they were quite funny and telling of his reaction.  Here they are:

"Do you think she'll like cars?"

"Those look like good tennis playing legs!"

"Oh no, she's already got me wrapped around her finger.  I'm done for."

"Let's go to BYU and buy something and take a picture."

"I'm hungry but I feel like I gotta get a salad cause girls like salads."

As per Aaron's request, we headed to the BYU Bookstore to find some pink BYU paraphernalia to take a picture with to text our families the gender.  The families were pretty excited and we learned that we should shy away from letting my brother Brad name our child (he had suggested Boris Winston for a boy and Winifreda for a girl through the family text conversation.  We think he was joking though...).  This girl is blessed to come into an extended family who will love her and support her through her whole life.
The whole day was happy thinking about this girl we have growing inside of me.  As I lay day to go to sleep that night, I felt three little kicks from her for the first time letting me know she's there.  I have loved feeling those kicks regularly now--thank goodness she's healthy!

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