mustaches, kneaders and a temple trip

Aaron and I went to the Provo Temple together as a Saturday day date.  We also got Kneaders unlimited french toast one last time.  These activities are two of my Provo loves that I will miss dearly once we drive away this week.

And now to document our appearances for the week...I am 19 weeks pregnant and Aaron has a mustache.  Exciting things are happening around these parts :)

P.S. We find out the baby's gender on Monday!  Can't wait to know what this little munchkin is so we no longer have to say "it."  And for the record, I would be equally happy if we had a boy or a girl.  I thought I would have some kind of preference but turns out I don't.  My only preference is to learn that he/she is uber healthy so my mind can rest from all its worries.

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  1. oh my gosh you look SO cute and I miss Kneaders french toast like crazy!