Summer Days

While we do spend our days working--Aaron at the river as a River guide and also studying for CPA and me teaching English at Nomen Global--we have been able to enjoy summer fun with friends too.

I went to the farmer's market the other week with my ward friend and neighbor, Anna Strange.  Ever since going to the farmer's market in Redwood City last summer I've been hooked to these things.  The community, the food, the warm weather...all so good.
Aaron, Brad and Richard--the three accounting amigos--planned a BBQ up the Provo Canyon as a break from their CPA studying.  We got to meet Brad's girlfriend Laura and definitely approved :) And Annie McKell came along too (but sadly I didn't get a whole group shot)!
 ^^I don't really know what's going on here...I think Richard's asking Emily to hold his hand and she is deliberating?^^
^^Aaron said to do your serious BBQ face--they each had a different take on what that was I guess^^

We also helped put together a BBQ for our apartment complex! There are just ten units in our complex so it seemed a shame that some of us didn't know each other very well.  We had a pretty good turn out and can't wait to do an outdoor movie night in August.
^^Aaron happily used his grill and little Josh Sikahema went to town on that watermelon^^
^^Some cute neighborly bonding happening on the little love seat bench^^
^^Best buds.^^
^^and the whole gang^^

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  1. Cute! Kaylie and LJ live in your complex? So fun! We never got the experience of living in a married apartment complex and sometimes I wish we had. Such is life :)