An update through pictures

I haven't been very good at updating our life on this blog.

I blame it partly on lack of time and partly on lack of new things to talk about.  I feel like our typical update is: Caroline is teaching or planning something for teaching at all times while Aaron is attending classes, grading in all his spare moments and playing basketball whenever he can.

As a result of my teaching job and Aaron's 3 T.A. jobs, you will often find us sitting side by side on our bed with our own respective piles of papers grading away.  We try to spend time together on the weekends and enjoy going out to dinner or dessert.

I am getting better at balancing my life which has resulted in more regular dinners, earlier night sleeps and more quality time with Aaron.  This balance is both a result of soccer ending and me figuring out a better planning schedule.

Sometimes the best way to really update is through pictures.  Here is the hodge podge of pictures I've taken with my phone over the last month (ish).

Aaron getting his free iPad and the Japanese mural next to my classroom. 
Piles of paper before parent teacher conferences and my first bit of Timpview soccer swag

Sunday reading of my Grandpa Stewart's autobiography and a shot of our kitchen "shelving"

Attending a BYU football game with my sister-in-law Annie and cute soccer feet on the way to an away game

Homemade salted caramel cupcakes and getting pizza with Remy-kins (aka "Owner of Aunt Caroline's Heart") 
Cuddling while watching General Conference and working on framing artwork with Mimi
Celebrating the missionary age requirement change (yay for more sisters serving and my sister Ginny for getting to go NOW!!) and Aaron and Papa before attending the Priesthood Session
Going to Bombay House with friends and students shoes on my class floor (I make them give me a shoe in return for borrowing my pens)
Listening to Grandpa McKell's stories at Sunday dinner and pictures of my family to help me remember what's most important

I have more pictures to come.  Hopefully I will get better of keeping track of life again!

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