Fall is here--part 2 of picture update

And here are more pictures from the past month.

Jamba Juice and casual clothes for my first day of Fall Break. I felt so free.

Aaron's tv "set-up" while doing grading and my Color Me Mine trip with Erin

Happily shopping during Fall break and Aaron driving us to our Park City get away

Brownies Aaron had waiting at home at 11 pm for when I got back from work and Aaron on our quest to visit all the Provo restaurants we've been meaning to hit up

A sweet plate of cookies wrapped in foil (still can't figure out who dropped them off but THANK YOU!) and Aaron and Adam when Adam came for a short recruiting trip

Sunday morning cinnamon rolls (our new staple food) and Indian butter chicken dinner

A surprisingly sweet note written on my board from my naughtiest 9th grader (there is hope for me and him after all!) and a very humorous paragraph written by a student

Aaron celebrating the return of his foxy grandpa hat and sneaking tussies and cannolis when we were supposed to be being healthy (everyone gets a free night, right??)

More cannoli loving.  It was a much needed night.  Neither one of us has much self-control. 

A beautiful cultural event depicting Christ visiting the Americas (it was all in Spanish!) and getting sucked into Once Upon A Time (we never watch tv but we love this show now.  Darn it!) 

Pumpkins for halloween and leaves for fall. 

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