we look so young.

I browsing through my old pictures today and came across our engagement pictures.  We took our pictures about this time (Oct/Nov) of 2010, just two years ago.  While on the one hand I can't believe that we have been married for two years almost now, on the other hand it doesn't feel thaaat long ago that we were engaged.  I feel like we still look the same and act the same, especially since we are in about the same phase of life (essentially living the BYU student life in Provo, UT).  

Seeing these engagement pictures though made me do a double take...we look SO YOUNG!  We were babies.  Let's be honest...you probably think we still look like babies (we are always being told how we look like high schoolers...definitely not a compliment...especially when you are a high school teacher) but man we were like newborns back then.

I guess we better enjoy what's left of our youth now because it's quickly slipping through our fingers ;)

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