Fall Break {A Park City Get-Away}

A couple weeks back we decided we needed to do something to re-gain our sanity.  I was exhausted from school and tired of not being with Aaron very often.  We noticed my Fall Break was coming up (meaning I had an entire, glorious Thursday, Friday and Monday off!).   So we did something very uncharacteristic of us and booked a hotel for TWO nights in Park City. We relaxed, swam, took a mini trip to Provo to attend the temple and the BYU homecoming game, ate glorious food (of course, sushi!) and perused Park City shops.  It was one of those trips that was good for the soul. And our marriage :)

And now a video!

Among other things, this video features: 

Me showing you how to eat a Dairy Keen chocolate dipped strawberry milkshake 
(a.k.a. heaven on earth) 


Aaron demonstrating how to use an iPad 
(the first appearance of "the iPad" on this blog!)

All very important stuff so you better watch closely...

If you haven't been to Park City in the fall you are missing out.  The scenery itself did wonders for relieving our stress.

*Song "I Melt With You" by Modern English.

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  1. Oh the chocolate covered strawberry shake! How I miss it. Thanks be forever to Ellen for introducing us! I'm so glad you got to take this trip! You guys deserve it :) Miss you!