"It's a Wendy's kind of a Night" and some other random things

Here are some random snapshots of our life lately:

--Losing your voice when you are a teacher and soccer coach is entirely silly.  I couldn't talk today.  It actually did wonders for classroom management though.  The kids stayed quiet so they could hear me.

--Aaron's favorite class is golf.  Tuesday and Thursday at 8 am.  His other accounting classes are meant to help him succeed in his career, but let's be honest, golf will probably be his biggest asset in the business world (for all those schmoozing golf trips for business, you know?). Isn't it kind of funny how some things just relate so well?!

--Yesterday, Aaron went to "Meet the Firms"--a business event where you talk with different firms/locations that you might want to work for.  Two years ago when we were still dating, Aaron went to his first "Meet the Firms" event and then met up with me in the library afterwards.  He turned my chair towards his and the first thing he said was, "So where should we live?"  This was the first mention of a future married "we."  That was the night we decided to get married.  Two weeks later we were engaged.

--We bought a dresser! Oh happy day! I'm loving it.  The dresser made our apartment instantly more home-y.

--The phrase "It's a Wendy's kind of a night" may be making a permanent place in our home here soon.  I am so not in to fast food at all, but when it's 9 pm, you both haven't eaten and you haven't gone grocery shopping, Wendy's starts looking pretty appealing.

--I started following Jimmer on instagram.  I mainly wanted to know if he had any instagram pictures of his wedding.  Sadly, there are none.  I might stop following him soon.  I'm not really into following strangers (...but Jimmer isn't really a stranger, is he?...)

--Coming home to Aaron at the end of a school day and having him direct me right to the bed for a nap is the greatest thing.  How did he know that a nap at 3:30 pm was exactly what I needed?

--I'm learning that not every day is a perfect teaching day.  And I'm okay with that.

--I have two BYU students in my classroom observing my teaching this week.  They are just starting out BYU's teaching program and getting their first "in the classroom" experience.   I can't believe that it was just two years ago that I came to Timpview to observe my first classroom ever--which turned out to be the geography class I am now teaching!

--Life is always good.  No matter the challenges or the busy-ness or the colds--life is good.

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