Scenes around our house recently.

I love being in our little home. Home has become so much home-ier these days.

I remember when we first moved in to this apartment.  I came out to Utah alone in August while Aaron was on a trip to Florida for the last week of his internship.  Our stuff was locked up in storage so I literally had nothing for a week but an air mattress, a bowl/cup/fan I borrowed from Ginny, and a chair I took from the Enclave dumpster.  I was in meetings all day and stressing about starting teaching the next week.  Oh and I undertook re-painting our apartment that week.  Remember this instagram? I feared coming home at night to an empty white apartment that made me feel like a crazy person.  Let's just say that I had a few melt downs.

Fast forward six months and now we actually have furniture, things hung on our walls and I am no where near as stressed as before.  I love coming home now, especially because Aaron is there and we can relax in our happy place.  Life is good.

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