Sunday photos.

Aaron humored me again and let me set up self-portraits of us.  I'm liking this tradition of our Sunday photos. I've been trying to do a "photo a day" challenge of me, but of course I am realizing that I would much rather have photos of us instead of just me.

Before taking these pictures, we were just sitting on our bed talking when I realized how pretty the light was that was coming in from our bedroom window.  I set up our camera then and we took a couple of pictures.  My photo class taught me about shooting in manual this past week so I actually used the manual setting! I still need some practice, but I'm not nearly as intimidated by the "M" on my camera dial as I was before.

The first 3 photos are more yellow-y and I had corrected the white balance so I just think it was the reflection from the yellow bedspread.  I didn't change the settings at all for the last one above but we had moved closer to the camera and so there wasn't as much yellow being cast up.  I think adjusting the white balance is a pretty cool trick to fixing your pictures. I'm excited to perfect it.  All things you probably didn't need to know but things that have been intriguing me as of late.

Oh and here's my photo of the day for this Sunday, Feb. 24th:
I love relaxed Sundays where we can just lay around, be together and practice taking pictures :)

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