Saturday with friends.

Saturday was heavenly because I got to spend the day with my good friends.  

The day started out with going to Scott Collin's two year old birthday party.  Scott is my friend Erin's cute son.  He is so tall that you'd think he must be older than two.  I was very impressed that he ate his little birthday cake with a spoon--even when his dad Nate held it up to Scott's face for him to chow down on.  Erin did a great job putting together a dog-themed party. And Aaron and I got to eat the leftover puppy-chow (aka muddy buddies) for breakfast on Sunday :) 
Erin and I headed up to Salt Lake afterwards to see Jessica!!! Jessica was in town for the week with her family and they were kind enough to invite us to their family activities that day.  

This has been especially special because I actually got to meet and spend time with Jessica's new baby Clara who is now 4 months old!  Aaron and I have been following baby Clara's pictures for the last months dying to get to see her.  When Jess texted us the morning that she had Clara with a picture of the little baby I started crying.  I just loved her automatically.  And let's just say this has done a lot to me in terms of being baby hungry :)  I mean just look at her little fur vest!
We shopped around City Creek for Taylor's wedding (Taylor is Jessica's younger sister and a dear friend as well) and then ate at La Jolla Groves in The Gateway.  Aaron drove up with Erin's husband Nate to meet us for dinner so it was one big happy family around the dinner table.  I love the Veaters so much and feel like they are family.  
All in all, it was glorious and I am already missing Jess who is now back in Boston.  

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