the kind of woman i want to be

i want to be easy to smile, always.
i want to love work more than leisure, but know when leisure is needed.
i want to always be aaron's love. the one who makes him beam.
i want to clean my home because i care, not just in anticipation of the next visit.
i want to be stylish for the joys of inner confidence, not recognition.
i want to forever prize the gift of being called aaron's wife, mrs. mckell. i want to remember that i dreamed that these titles would be mine, that he would choose me.
i want to be like my mother, a giver without reservation.
i want to find and capture beauty each day through words and pictures--to ingrain these beauties in my life.
i want to be passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ.
i want to exercise and eat right because it feels good to my insides.
i want to develop the drops of creativity i was given.
i want to paint my nails because they remind me that i am taking time for myself.
i want to wake up early, naturally.
i want to be wise with our money and see it as a blessing to create our life together.
i want to be the best massage giver, listener, lover and friend to aaron.
i want to bring new life in to this world.
i want to look into the eyes of the children we create and see that they are reflections of us in appearance but improved versions of us in character.
i want to let go of the to-do lists, the planning, the stress and let myself relax into aaron's arms when he tries to dance with me in the kitchen.

i want, i want, i want.

*the inspiration for this post came after coming across this list here.  such beautiful thoughts she gave.
** the photo was my photo a day for Feb. 28th--just home from my photo class, under eye bags and all.


  1. I LOVE that blog you linked. She is so so good at expressing how she feels.