Saturday photo shoot at the pond.

My photo class is wrapping up here this week, but we had a mini class photo shoot this past Saturday to practice what we have learned.  We all went to the BYU duck pond just south of campus and took turns taking pictures of the ducks, each other and each other's kids.

Since Aaron had a test and doesn't looove having his picture taken for an hour, Erin agreed to come along and bring her son Scott to be a subject.

I love this next one.  Scott couldn't understand why the ducks wouldn't stick around to play with him.
I learned a lot by just taking pictures and getting to ask my teacher questions along the way.  We practiced things like fill flash, stopping motion, adjusting exposure, etc.  I think I might share some of those things on here so that I can ingrain them on my memory.

I got this next photo of a duck flying in air by putting my camera in Tv mode (shutter speed priority mode where I can adjust the shutter speed and the camera will adjust the rest) and making the shutter speed really fast (1/1000th of a second):

I also really like this next picture where the water makes little stars, although to be honest I have no idea how I got it to do that.

At the end of the whole photo shoot, I got to quiz my teacher on how to shoot video on my DSLR.  I learned a couple tricks of how to adjust the focus and such in manual video mode and I can't wait to make fun little videos with what I learned!

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  1. You got some great pictures of Scott! I'll have to get them from you :) He sure is the busiest photo subject around!