Mid-moving St. George Trip

After moving out of our apartment on Wednesday, we got to spend the next four days with Aaron's family in St. George.  Annie and Austin were both on their way up for the fall semester in Provo so it seemed like a good last hooray for us all.

We went boating and I wakeboarded at 20 weeks pregnant (I was super conservative though and just did a short little ride around).  Unfortunately though Annie broke her foot on her first wakeboard ride and is still on crutches.  Bummer!   
The family left on Saturday morning and we took once last picture together.  We then got to spend the afternoon with Mimi and Papa, watching the BYU vs. Virginia game (sadly, a major disappointment).  We hadn't yet documented the purchase of our new-to-us car, a white 2006 Saturn Vue, so Mimi took our picture at half time with it.  
We then went out to dinner and custard with our friends Aaron and Tayler Mitchell who happened to be down for the weekend too.  While getting Nielson's custard, I spotted a group of Timpview girls, two of which were my students.  We took a picture together (yes, I know I blend in with them) and they were excited to hear I was expecting a baby girl.  I'll miss this fun run in with students. 
Sunday morning marked the end of vacation bliss and the beginning of a very loooong drive to California.  Aaron and I each had to drive one of our cars so we didn't have each other to keep us awake, and because California doesn't let you talk on the phone while driving, we were relying solely on upbeat music and blasting air conditioning to keep us awake.  We made it to my parents house in Walnut Creek that night and we were so happy that that phase of our move was complete.  Our next goal was to soak up some family time and hunt down an apartment.  

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