Can I say that I've been nesting recently, or is that only an appropriate word to use when you are pregnant and preparing your home for your baby?  Because I'm not preparing for a baby at the moment.  But either way, I've taken a new found interest in trying to "complete" our home as much as you can when you are in an apartment.  I keep running into walls though--like we can't nail into any of our exterior walls because they are all made out of cement or like the hideous green tile in our bathroom that I don't want to try to match with because we won't be living here for forever.  However, slowly but surely, I've been making "pretty little corners" in our apartment that I can look at and think "wow, I like that" and forget that the rest of our house looks un-put together.

I recently put all of these frames up on our bedroom dresser and I love it.  I think what I love most about it is that everything on that dresser has a special story (even the dresser itself was one Aaron used growing up!). Here is what I'll think of every morning when I am getting ready for the day:
1.  Adam, Aaron's older brother, who gave us this framed Proclamation to the Family.
2. Our beautiful wedding day and a caring mother-in-law who hunted down a gorgeous frame that was just perfect for our picture.
3. MiMi, Aaron's maternal grandmother, who bravely went on adventure to Michaels with me to figure out how to frame this picture of a woman I have had for years.  She then gave me the means to frame the picture as a Christmas gift.  I am grateful for her presence and generosity in our lives.
4.  My fantastic friend Kasee.  She gave us this vase and flowers about a year and a half ago and it reminds me of her every time I look at it.  I feel like we have a touch of her great home decorating skills with it in our home. (Do you remember this vase, Kasee?)
5. My wonderful mama, who framed this picture as part of a display at our wedding.  I think of how much work she put into making our wedding beautiful and how grateful I am for her.
6. My first present to Aaron as newlyweds 2 years ago as we were very much feeling the new joys of married life :)
7. Grammy, Aaron's paternal grandmother, who gave us this cute frame and who continues to take care of us in all ways (Sunday dinners, special bags of pistachios, a place to watch BYU football, and the list goes on)

I like everything to have a story.  Even though decorating things doesn't come as naturally for me as I would hope (I just don't have "the eye" I think), I still like doing it and being a part of the process.  I like having meaning in everything that's in my home.

So, anyways, this is a random thing to post but it just made me happy.  So there it is!  Nesting!


  1. AH! I remember that vase! It took a turn in our first married apt as well :)

  2. The picture collage looks great, Caroline. I think you don't give yourself enough credit. You know, I'd be happy to come up and do a class for your ward RS on some form of apartment decorating/fabric education, picture hanging. It just takes practice and taking the time to learn what you like. It is a personal thing. The "rules" can always be thrown out the window. Love you!

  3. Of course I remember that vase! It was in my wedding! Then Jess had it and then I sent it to you lovely lady!I'm impressed it is all still together, those flowers and everything! It all looks great and I feel so lucky that I get to part of your daily musings :) Love you lady.