Easter 2013

(i know this is three weeks old now...just trying to get caught up)
Our Easter was low key and allowed me to think about Christ.

We had a slow, relaxing morning.  Aaron hopped out of bed to throw in the cinnamon rolls in the oven and then came back to bed while they cooked.  Because that's the beauty of the 30 minute Rhodes cinnamon rolls--throw them in an un-preheated oven frozen and they come out as delectable treats thirty minutes later (Rhodes, if you'd like to pay me for this unsolicited review then I'm down with it).
But I digress, the we ate cinnamon rolls in bed, relaxed even more, read a talk from a General Authority on Easter and then read the new pope's Easter message (I like how he talked about trying to find peace in the Middle East, Africa and the Koreas).

We had morning church meetings (I was called as the secretary in our ward's Relief Society!) and then headed to church.  The services were beautiful.  The couple that talked in Sacrament Meeting are the Matthews and they shared really beautiful messages of Christ strengthening them in their lives.

We ended the night with a family dinner at Matt and Sherri's.  Family dinners are what make holidays like these special.  It's just not right without the family.  So glad they live here.

So Easter was simple and beautiful.  I am grateful for the strength that Christ gives us and the peace the Gospel provides in our lives.

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