Family in town and the YW Women's General Meeting

Mark, Susan and Annie came to town for Annie's Spring Break and luckily it was my break as well!

Amidst all of the wonderful hanging out time, I was lucky enough to tag along with Susan and her friend (who are both in their Stake YW Presidency back in RS) to the meeting for the YW leaders, put on by the General YW Presidency and the general YW board.  (This is a lot of LDS jargon so if this is sounding like a foreign language to you then that is okay.  The Young Women is a worldwide organization in our church of girls 12-18 years old).  
Wow, was it wonderful.  The entire presidency and board each trained and most of their focus was on the YW's new curriculum and internet resources.   Even though I am not a YW leader currently, I do work with youth every day (ranging from 14-18 years old).  I was inspired by the fact that I can be more than just "the teacher."  I can really lead the youth within my sphere of influence to be better and more moral people, to give back to their communities, to respect themselves and their peers and to see their potential.  I had a lot of other thoughts throughout the conference and took lots of notes.

After the conference, Susan and I got lunch at Nordstroms cafe.  The food was great and it was a lot of fun to have the chance to talk with just each other.
We laughed that there was a picture of the Mormon Tabernacle and Salt Lake Temple hanging in a Nordstroms.   Oh Utah, I love you.

It was a great day.  Thanks Susan!

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