General Conference Weekend...

...the best weekend of the year.  

We watched almost every session in a different place and had fun once again soaking it up with the family.  

Thanks to Mark and Susan, we were able to get tickets to the Sunday morning session.  Annie's friends Emily and Taylor and never been to a session so it was fun to experience their wide eyes and enthusiasm.

Then we got to go to my parent's condo just across the street to spend time with my family :)  My mom and dad had flown in and then Audrey's family and Brad and his girlfriend Emily came so it really was one big happy family (minus the Blair, Chelsea, Addy, Ginny group--we missed you guys!).  

We had a delicious lunch, played with the kiddos and then watched the final session together.  

Aaron and I had done so well through every session not falling asleep, but sadly we were caught on camera taking a little snooze (and it really was little!). 
Despite our dozing off a tad, we gained so much from the weekend.  I felt enlightened and motivated and so grateful for leaders who live pure lives that enable them to hear God's message and deliver it so powerfully.

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