13.1 miles

After months of training, my friend Erin and I ran the Utah Valley Half Marathon on June 8th!  

The whole day was quite crazy--we woke up ridiculously early (3 am!), hopped on to a bus with a bunch of crazy other runner people, drove up the Provo Canyon, hung out in the dark until 6 am strolled around, heard the buzzer blare and then we were off running!
 ^^on the bus!^^
^^We found out the night before the race that Kaylie Sikahema was running the half too!  We got to hang out all morning pre-race and then started running together, but that girl is a quick one and pretty soon took off like a bullet.^^

The race started by Sundance up the Provo Canyon, winded down the Provo Canyon and along University Ave. until you reached the finish line at the Provo Tabernacle on Center Street.  Almost the entire race was downhill.

It was such a beautiful run through a town where I have so many memories.  The run made me nostalgic about my last 6 ish years of living in Provo and how I will miss everything come August when we move.
Although we trained well, Erin and I had both been nervous about the run with different body pains we had started to experience.   Despite any pain though we were able to run the whole thing without stopping and keep the pace we wanted.  My knees started hurting around mile 9, but just then the song "Sweet Caroline" came on Pandora and I chomped on an orange slice at the aid station and both of those boosts helped me keep going. 
^^Just before crossing the finish line...look at those end-of-race game faces^^

Our husbands (and Richard and Emily!) cheered us on all along the trail.  They were ready at every part to take our pictures.  I wish I had taken a picture of them because they really looked like the paparazzi   Such good husbands they are.

Erin and I crossed the finish line together and then chowed down on post-race snacks.
I think I did everything wrong in terms of taking care of your body after the race.  All I wanted was a hot shower and a long nap (I had been up since 3 am, after all) so I did both of those things.  I woke up really stiff and more tired than ever.  By the next day though I was really feeling good, all except for my left knee which may forever plague me.

The race was a great experience, but even more than that I was grateful for the chance to do it all with Erin.  I loved getting to train with her weekly and have the chance to bond in a new way before we move in August.  Thanks for pushing me to keep running Erin!


  1. Congratulations! I'm so proud of you!

  2. Way to go to both of you! I am running a half this month on Pioneer Day and I am so nervous!