A St. George Trip

Although the sensible thing to do over Memorial Day weekend would have been to spend time tying up loose ends at Timpview (I just had one week left!), we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to go to St. George with our friends Nate, Erin and their two year old Scott instead!
Grammy and Grandpa McKell kindly let us use their St. George condo, which we found out a week before was going to be uninhabited for the holiday weekend.   Thank you Grammy and Grandpa!
We headed down to St. George after school let out on Friday afternoon and didn't drive back until Monday evening.

Ohhh it was wonderful.

While there, we cooked good food (bbq'ed bratwurst, chicken fajita tacos, etc.), swam at the pool, played tennis, went to church with MiMi and Papa followed by a delicious lunch at their house, walked around the St. George Temple, played games and stayed up way too late every night talking.  We also had some girl and guy time--Erin and I ran 9 miles on Saturday morning for our half-marathon training and then went thrift store shopping while Nate and Aaron relaxed and did a round of golf.
We loved being around Scott all day and loved that he designated the condo "the new house."
It was a weekend well spent and we were so glad that the Collins were so spontaneous to up and make it all happen with us in just one weeks time.

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