A favorite Saturday

I have been a little MIA on updating our blog so the next coming posts are my attempt to get caught up on the last month and a half.  So here goes...

Saturday, May 11th, made it on my list of all time favorite days.  (I know, I know, May 11th really was a loooong time ago, but oh well! Better late than never.)

Aaron and I got to literally spend the entire day together doing fun activities, which seemed very rare for a crazy school year.

I needed to go on a long run (8 miles!) to prepare for the half marathon, and because Erin couldn't come that week, Aaron agreed to go with me.  This was a major sacrifice as the last time that Aaron ran more than three miles was back in high school.  Surprisingly, though, we both made it!
Afterwards we came home, cleaned and hung around the house.

Around 3 pm, we went to the grand opening of the Provo Rec Center.  That thing is amazing!  We ended up getting passes the day after I finished school and have been loving it.
We thought a warm Saturday afternoon called for a little ice cream so we went to Sammy's.  We first noticed Sammy's when we went to Provo's Rooftop concert series and saw all the big crowds outside of Sammy's.  It's been a mystery to us because every time since then that we've seen Sammy's it has been packed, but we had never heard people say "Oh have you heard of Sammy's?  It's so great!"  Anyways, we went and it was good!  SO I guess we can vouch for it now.  Just kind of like a cool hang out kind of a place.
That night we did not want to cook (and didn't really have groceries anyways) so we decided to head over to Zupas.  We had a relaxing meal and then came home and enjoyed the night.

It was laid back but also full of activities.  And we felt bonded afterwards.

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