Nate and Lauren's Wedding

Nate and Lauren married each other in the Salt Lake Temple on June 13th!

Aaron has been best friends with Nate since high school days in Riverside.  I met Nate when he and Aaron were rooming together freshmen year in the dorms and Nate has become my dear friend ever since.  Nate and Lauren started dating last fall and we have had so much fun seeing their relationship grow.

Before the wedding, "the boys" put together a bachelor's event to top all bachelor's events.  One of the guys has connections to the Marriott Center and booked a time to play on the court--a special treat indeed.  Aaron was like a kid in a candy store about it all.  Since playing in the Marriott Center, Aaron has told everyone he knows that he played there and made a 3-pointer (just like Jimmer!).
^^If you can't find him, Aaron is the bearded man standing on the far right.  For Lauren's sake, Aaron agreed to shave for the wedding day.^^

The sealing and wedding day were beautiful.  Their reception was held at The Manor in the Riverwoods and it was fun to see some of our freshmen friends together again celebrating Nate's big day.
The really great part of this whole marriage thing is that Nate and Lauren are literally going to be living next door to us for the next couple of months!

It's like freshmen year all over again (kinda, but better). 

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  1. oh my gosh. so fun! I love that picture of all the boys in the marriot center. the white family looks so beautiful, and I love their cut out of chandler!