The three munchkins

We had the three munchkins (aka Oliver, Remy and Henry) over a couple of week ago while Audrey and Patrick went out on the town.  Aaron and I had been looking forward to it all week, predicting how long it would be before they found the nerf guns (remember this post) and wondering if we would be entertaining enough to them for more than five minutes.

It was only three minutes after Audrey left before Oliver asked about the "toy guns," and I gave a very vague answer (our plan was to use the nerf guns as a last resort for when they were really sick of being cooped up in our apartment).
The kids surprisingly humored me in taking pictures of them and they totally played along--hugging, smiling and pulling funny faces right on cue.  
^^that really was the face Henry pulled when I said "Henry do a funny face." Ha!^^

Audrey had brought Hotel Transylvania so we watched that on our makeshift surround sound tv set-up with cups of popcorn for everyone.  I love the age that they are at because they laughed at the appropriate times in the movie and sat and watched the whole thing (Henry did turn Aaron into a trampoline towards the end though).  
Post-movie time included eating ice cream on the kitchen floor, changing into jammies, making little videos, dog piling Aaron, jumping jack competitions (this was for when the ice cream sugar high kicked in), reading nursery rhymes and, of course, shooting everything possible in the house with the nerf guns.  
Aaron and I loved having them and then totally crashed in bed ten minutes after they went home.  We are weaklings!  We'll have to build up our stamina and kid tricks for when we have three of our own. 

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