We celebrate with food.

We loved Benihana so much (as mentioned here) that we went again for Aaron's birthday in March!  And luckily Erin has a March birthday too so we got to make a double date of it (If you don't know, Benihana gives $30 free to the birthday boy/girl for their birthday month so go sign up!).  

A Benihana birthday dinner for Aaron and Erin, how precious :)

The last time the "Aaron/Erin" duo celebrated their b-days together it looked more like this:
^^it was during our freshmen year. we kidnapped them, blindfolded them and took them to a bonfire.  we are must classier now in our old age.^^

We had a great time and were surprised to find that Elder Niel L. Anderson and his family were just a table over from us! This was a week before General Conference and we joked about asking him for the inside scoop on his Conference talk.  We wussed out and didn't even say hi.  Needless to say, Elder Anderson didn't mentioned any profound spiritual encounters with wonderful, young married couples at Benihana in his talk.
The very next day, we took dear Spencer Mun out to CPK for his birthday dinner!  He got a free pizza out of it (not because they give free birthday pizzas away but...did you know they give 20% off for students?!) and the boys watched March Madness as we ate.
Then, after taking this picture in the classy parking lot...
...our car wouldn't start.  Oh joy!  Luckily some fellow parking lot people helped us out and gave us a jump.  We have since had to buy a new battery. Darn.

But anyways, the birthday dinner was fun and it was fun to hang out as a group with Nate and Spencer again, something we don't get to do as much we used to and would like to.

So yay for eating out for birthdays!

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