Birthday dinner in SLC

Oh it was heaven to have a holiday on Monday!  Annie and Emily were flying home that night so we thought we would make a half-day of it and enjoy Salt Lake with them before dropping them off at the airport.  Plus, we had to use my Benihana's birthday money!

I can't remember which beloved person told me first but I found out that Benihana offers $30 dollars for your birthday!!  Because I am a sushi lover (and lover of free food) I got on their website, signed up and was counting down the days until we got to go.  And let me tell you, it was goooood (more on that later) and totally worth the money.

But first...Emily had never been to Salt Lake before so we showed her the Visitor's Center and walked around the Salt Lake Temple.  It was so fun to experience it with someone who was seeing it for the first time. And oh the temple was as beautiful as ever! There is this amazing calm and peace as you walk around the temple.
Then we cut through City Creek and made it over to Benihana.  Can I just say that was my best restaurant experience of all time?  They treated us SO well!  Our hibachi chef was Ly who has been working at Benihana for 20 years!  He had mad skills.  I ordered the salmon with mango salsa and had sushi on the side.  In addition my meal though, I was surprised at how much other food they gave us!  I had chicken fried rice, shrimp, veggies, salad and they even gave me a birthday scoop of ice cream.  We came out of there totally stuffed!  The service was great and we left trying to plan the next time we could go (....Aaron does have a birthday in March... :))
We dropped Annie and Emily off at the airport then and then headed back to Provo.  I was so sad to see such a good weekend end, but alas, you gotta go back to work at some point so you can fund future fun weekends!

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