Don't Mess.

Are these photos not hilarious?  These are the faces they pulled at our apartment the other night when we told them to look "tough."  And they were more than willing to oblige.  You better watch out world because Remy and Oliver could take you in a nerf gun war any day.

Adam and Christy gave us these nerf guns for Christmas and the nerf guns have already proved to be a hit (no pun intended).  Aaron challenged me to a nerf gun war (just the two of us on a Monday night, mind you) and turned our apartment inside out in the pursuit of battle (coffee table upright for a barrack and all).  Because we don't have children for a quality Family Night, we've decided that it just makes sense that we become the children for our FHE activity :)  

Then the very next night, when we had my family over for Ginny's night-before-entering-the-MTC gathering, the nerf guns were whipped out again and occupied Remy, Oliver and Henry.  Aaron was quite the pro, establishing rules with them and making them repeat the rules together.  The two rules were: 1. No shooting each other and 2. No sucking on the nerf bullets (Number one was meant more for Oliver and Remy and number 2 was specifically for Henry).  Oliver and Remy had a mean shot and took down our oven in seconds with those suction cup bullets.  

*This post is not meant to support violence or children using guns in any way.  Just some kids and some grown-up kids at heart playing around.  How's that for a disclaimer? :)

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