And she went in smiling.

^^I'm pretty sure that's me Ginny's pretending to embrace.  It's like I was there and everything!
Ginny entered the MTC at 1:45 pm on Wednesday, January 16th.

I was unable to go to the "curb drop-off" because of work, but Aaron was there and did a superb job of capturing the moment.  I asked him to take the camera and take pictures for me.  My mom later reported that Aaron was totally playing the part, taking tons of pictures and making comments like "Oh that's a cute one."  What a good husband.

Although I couldn't be there at the MTC, I did get to talk with Ginny about an hour prior to her entering.  I was amazed that she sounded just calm and excited--no nerves!  I remember I was super excited but boy did I have a moment there where major nerves hit.  From everyone's reports and from all the pictures, I can tell that Ginny went in smiling and excited for the adventure.

Now I just can't wait to hear about her MTC experience--how many 19 year old girls and 18 year old boys there are, who is her companion, what she thinks of the strict schedule and hours in the classroom?  She seems to have had the most optimist and best attitude through the whole preparation experience.  I have confidence that she will meet every new task or challenge with a smile and a let's-get-to-work attitude.

See you in 18 Gin Gin!

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  1. Awesome pictures Aaron!! Remy's face in the one when she's hugging Ginny goodbye just melts my heart. She's going to miss her Ginny just like we all will!!