Welcoming Sister Stewart Home

Sister Virginia Stewart returned home from her mission to Baltimore, Maryland on July 31st and we were so happy to welcome her home.  All the siblings were there with the nieces and nephews too, including the 3 new nieces Ginny hadn't yet met.  She took a loooong time to get off the plane so we were pretty excited when her red head surfaced down the airport hallway and we got to hug her for the first time.

She served an honorable mission and we are all so proud of her.  The following days and now weeks since her return have included hearing stories from her mission and you can just tell that she served faithfully.  Missions are incredibly hard work and she did it!  Wow.  It really is such an accomplishment.  Way to go Ginny!  We know you touched so many lives and served so many people.  You've left your imprint on Maryland and Virginia and it will forever be a better place because of your service.

We are so glad that you served but we sure are glad that you're back!  Love you!

And I didn't get any photos on my camera so my dad thankfully shared his.  Thanks Dad!

^^Noelle was just shy of 3 weeks old but that brave Audrey was there with Noelle and her 3 older kiddos too.  That deserves an award. 
 ^^Ha! Oh Eleanor.  She'll suck on anything that gets near her mouth. 
 ^^Meeting Eloise for the first time
 ^^My mom came up with this genius sign for the babies to hold.  So funny! 
^^We're all so old!! Where did the time go? We range from 30 to 21 years old now.  Isn't Ginny still like 9?! No way we kids have now finished missions with half of us married. So crazy!
 ^^Remy sure loves this aunt of hers and is happy to have her home. P.s. Can you believe how big Remy is now?!  She's starting kindergarten this month!
^^Grabbing In N Out on the way home.  Some how this became a tradition after everyone's missions. 

Ginny was our last missionary to return home.  It's bizarre to think that we won't have another homecoming experience but it's quite fun to all be moving on together to the next phases of life.  Ginny, you're future is bright!  Good luck with everything!

P.S. If you're in the mood to see the journey from start to finish, you can click to see Ginny opening her call, going through the temple for the first time, preparing for her mission and giving her farewell talk and entering the MTC.  

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