A Cabin Trip {Stewart Family Vacation 2014}

We took advantage of everyone being in town for Ginny's mission homecoming and decided to piggy back our family vacation off of it.  We headed up to a cabin in Arnold, CA for some quality family time.  It took us 6 cars to transport everyone and our stuff, but we all made it and had a lot of fun.  I love being up in the woods and something about being in a cabin forces you to have good conversation and bonding time.

Among other activities, we walked around The Big Trees (gotta love California's sequoias!), swam in the lake, ate lots of good food and played a couple rounds of Ticket to Ride and Wahoo.  Oh and Aaron was in heaven when he realized that the cabin had a foosball table in it (after all, he is a foosball champion ;)) and he was constantly challenging people to play with him.

All in all we loved soaking up time with the family before everyone had to go their separate ways.  Thanks Mom and Dad for putting it all together!
^^Making breakfast for the masses
 ^^Just take a minute to take this picture in.  The shorts hiked up past the belly button.  The high socks.  The curved in fists to show muscles.  The double chin.  That focused look. Might be my favorite photo of all time.  Henry, you are a muscle man indeed.
^^The whole gang, minus Blair who had to take off early to get back to work.

I wasn't great at taking pictures while there so my dad kindly shared all those previous ones.  The following pictures are the ones that I managed to take.  Why is pulling out your camera so hard sometimes?  I think I just enjoy sitting there and soaking everything up and before I know it all the time has passed and I have too few pictures to tell the whole story. 
^^Foosball was constantly going on
^^The 3 El's!  Just a preview of more funny baby photos to come. (Click here to see the rest)
 ^^Again we were so grateful for the carrier.  Eleanor stayed in it for the whole hour and a half walk.
 ^^Such a big kid!  He turned 7 this summer and is going into 2nd grade!
 ^^The siamese twins.  
 ^^Showing some belly.  She lasted for all of 5 minutes at the beach before we went back to the cabin for a nap.  At least we got a picture of her in her swim suit!

The whole trip was short but fun and I am so glad we all got to be together for that little bit!

P.S.  Our last Stewart family vacation was to a cabin in Southern Utah.  Are we becoming cabin people? It sure is easier with our growing family!  Click here to see some pics from that trip and click here to see a video from that trip as well (which is worth a watch again to see Patrick's "hard core face" and to appreciate how the nieces and nephews have grown!)

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