Just call him Master "Foosball Champion" Aaron

I meant to update this earlier but here we are nonetheless.   Towards the end of Aaron's MAcc program, I would stop hearing updates about how classes were doing and instead would hear about who beat who on the MAcc lounge's foosball table.  Aaron and his friends started coming with nicknames for their tricks.  They even incorporated a foosball game into a class presentation video (click here for the video--it's actually quite entertaining).  So needless to say, when the Foosball Tournament between the MBA's, MPA's, ISYS and MAcc students was approaching, Aaron was very excited.

The MPA's had the best turnout (I know these things because like any good wife would do--I left work behind and supported my husband in his foosballing dreams ;)) and the MAcc students had the second best attendance.  They had two tables going and had a full on bracket posted to keep track.  If Aaron was writing this post, he would give you the play by play of how it all went down, but needless to say, the final four were two pairs of MAcc students.  Aaron and Richard vs. Brad and Jeff.  These four have already played each other countless times and it was a battle to the end.  Aaron and Richard pulled it out for a win and practically tackled each other in excitement afterwards.

Excuse the blurriness but there were just that excited...
The four of the them all then posed with a very over-the-top trophy (that was really someone's old football trophy).
This was about two weeks before graduation.  When I told Aaron that I had a plan for what to write on his graduation cake, he immediately said, "I already know what you'll write on the cake.  It's going to say, "Congratulations Foosball Champion!"  Clearly, Aaron has his priorities straight--foosball first, masters degree second.  Gotta love this man.

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