The Wedding of Richard and Emily Bean

We are in full blown wedding season and attended our second wedding this spring just last Friday, May 10th. This wedding was especially sweet as it was the meeting of two our two worlds.

I've known Emily Collins since our freshmen year at BYU and I was able to get to know her a little better when her brother Nate married my dear friend Erin.  In a totally unrelated world, Aaron became best friends with Richard through the Accounting Program.  They first became friends when the went on a recruiting trip together and were put in the same hotel room.  Over the course of their two MAcc years together they then spent loooong hours holed up in the MAcc lounge (I think Richard saw Aaron more than I did most days!).

Last October, I got a text from Erin asking if we knew Richard and what we thought of this guy. Richard had just gone out with Emily, and being the good sister in law that she is, Erin was doing a background check on him.

Naturally, I sang Richard's praises to Erin (after all, my own mom loved Richard after just the first time meeting him--so much so that she even bought him a rotisserie chicken at Costco! We still chuckle about that).   And Aaron and I got excited for what this would mean.

By December, the two lovebirds were talking marriage and even told us so over a dinner of Chicken Tikki Marsala.  They got engaged soon thereafter and the rest is history.

Now the really sweet part of all of this is that Richard and Emily will be moving to San Jose in the fall as well!  It makes moving to a whole new city and starting a new life a little less intimidating knowing that we'll have good friends up the street.

We love you Richard and Emily! Your wedding day was gorgeous--a wonderful reflection of the people that you are. Congrats!  


  1. such a beautiful wedding! I love her flowers!

  2. I'm setting up feedly and I just saw this! Such a sweet post. We are lucky to have friends like you guys :)