Meeting Noelle

While we were in Vancouver, my sister Audrey had her fourth baby!  While a new baby in the family is always something to be excited about, we were especially antsy because Audrey and Patrick decided to not find out the gender in advance.  They did not consult me before making this decision and I had to wait 9 excruciating months to learn if I would have a niece or a nephew.  I sefishly wanted her to have a girl so that we could have three girl cousins all born within the year.  But I wasn't too worried either way--they have proved to make adorable girls and boys already so I knew whatever they had would be perfect.

After waiting 9 months, this baby decided to make us all wait another week!  Good thing though because the baby came on 7-11 (free slurpee day!) which will forever help me to remember this one's birthday.

We got the text that morning that Audrey was in labor and then I waited with my phone in hand for the rest of the afternoon.  My mom was there in Utah at the hospital so once Audrey had the baby my mom texted out a picture of the most beautiful baby with the message:


And made us all guess based on the picture.  I knew she was a girl and started jumping around in excitement!  Sure enough, Mom texted:


Audrey and the baby were doing well and we were all so happy.

So, welcome to the world Noelle Leslie Parker!  You are beautiful indeed!

I had to wait two and a half weeks to meet her but it was instant love when I finally got to hold her.

She was fast asleep and snuggled on my chest and I was in heaven.  I couldn't believe how small she was and kept saying, "There is no way that Eleanor was ever this small!"  But of course Eleanor was that small once upon a time.  I just couldn't believe how easy it is to forget now that Eleanor is 16 lbs!

Noelle is so sweet and cuddly and I love her so much.

And I am beyond thrilled that we now have our 3 El's in the family--Eloise, Eleanor and Noelle.  It will be so fun to watch them grow!

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