Ginny's Farewell Weekend

She did it!  Ginny gave a superb farewell talk and has now been set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  She is currently en route to Utah and will enter the MTC this Wednesday the 16th.  I am incredibly proud of the person she has become.  Seeing her deliver a heartfelt, well thought out message on trusting in the Lord helped me to see that she really is grown up and prepared for the work (not the 7 year old that I will always imagine my little sister to be).  She will be (oh wait, she now officially is!) a fantastic missionary.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Ginny showed us her mission clothes (and Audrey showed us her best babushka impression ;)).  
Henry was happy despite being sick and Addy apparently was exhausted by all the clothes (actually she was upset at me for not letting her use my camera.  I was the mean aunt.)
Dad was able to show me some more pointers on DSLR cameras.  
Aaron and I got to sleep in the newly finished back bedroom (I love all gray and yellow my mom did). The gang played scrabble and Chelsea crushed the boys
Sunday pictures: the family before church, pictures with the future missionary afterwards, soup for a family lunch and an open house full of lovely people.
And a reenactment of this lovely picture from Blair's wedding.  The conversation then went something like: 
Me: "Ginny, hold my hand.  It'll be artsy."
Ginny: "No, it'll be awkward."
Now four years later, I think Ginny still feels the same way about holding hands with me.
Oh I'll miss this girl come Wednesday. 


  1. I remember when Ginny was born! So crazy she's now a missionary. I always think of her as baby Ginny. Baby, no more. So awesome and happy for you, Caroline, that you get to have yet another missionary sibling!

  2. I loved seeing all these pictures! Thanks for sharing! I know my parents were sad when they found out they were going to be in Hawaii the weekend of Ginny's farewell. They had planned a trip for their 35th wedding anniversary.

    I'm sure Ginny will be awesome!