My baby's all grown up and serving the Lord!

Ginny was a clever little bugger in surprising us all with her mission call.

We had found out from our home Stake President a week before Thanksgiving that Ginny's mission call had been assigned and was being mailed to Walnut Creek.  We waited in anticipation all week long--really hoping that Ginny could open it in front of the whole family.

The Saturday morning after Thanksgiving came--our last day before heading back to Utah. Brad secretly checked the mail in the mailbox and no mission call. He told Mom and Mom told me and then Mom and I broke it to Ginny really softly that her mission call didn't come, meaning that Ginny wouldn't get to open it with her family and would have to wait to get it in Utah the next week.  

Ginny took it well but seemed genuinely disappointed.  

We all went about our daily activities--post Thanksgiving shopping, Blair and Chelsea unpacking, bowling etc.  until we all ended up at Blair and Chelsea's house that night.  After eating pizza, Chelsea suggested the idea of going back to my parents house for a game.  We himmed and hawwed until we all piled back into the car and headed towards Walnut Creek.

When we got back to my parents' house, Chelsea and Ginny got us to all sit around the dinner table and get ready to play Uno (which I thought was a lame game to be playing right then and would have much rather been doing laundry/packing instead).  

While Chelsea was dividing up the cards Ginny walks in and says, "Now don't hate me but..." and whips out a big white envelope!  We were in complete shock and had little time to wrap our heads around the fact that she had HID her mission call all day from us before we were getting Audrey's family on skype and Ginny was ripping open her call.
Before we knew it, she had that baby opened and was reading out loud, "Sister Stewart, you are hereby called to....the Maryland Baltimore Mission"!!!!  

East coast!  Just like me and Brad.  Us Stewarts are taking over the east with the gospel.  

Maybe the biggest shock of the whole night though was learning that she will be entering the Missionary Training Center on January 16, 2013--essentially just a month and a half away from that night.  In my mother's words, it would be "battle stations" till January 16th to get Ginny ready to go. 

We are so incredibly happy for Ginny that she is choosing to serve a mission and so incredibly pleased that she will be heading out to such a great area. 

Gin Gin--or should I say "Sister Stewart"--you are going to be an awesome missionary.  We promise to write you often and can't wait to hear about the lives you help touch forever. 

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