Addy turns 4!

I'm going to turn this post over to Addy cause she has something important to say...

"Ok, everybody, everybody..."
"Are you listening?"
"I am FOUR!"
"Maybe if I growl you'll understand me better..."
"Okay, I think you're getting it.  Let's concentrate on the fact that I am four now."
"And now I'll give you one good smiling picture to remember this moment by."

Our little Addy is growing up and is quite happy about being four.  She asked for a Frozen birthday party (naturally) and her mom, who is awesome at throwing parties, delivered.  I had a lot of fun being there and seeing that crazy group of four year old kids run around acting like Frozen characters. 
 ^^Addy being Elsa. 
^^Apparently Elsa has claws.
^^Blair had just flown in from China hours earlier but he was there and smiling!
^^She's a total doll, isn't she?
 ^^Notice the spray of "snow" being thrown at the big Snow Monster.  Ginny caught this awesome photo. 
Addy, we love your spunk and enthusiasm.  You are a great older sister to Eloise and a wonderful cousin to Eleanor.  Happy Birthday!  We love you!

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