Ebay Art

I have a dangerous new habit.

I go on to eBay, type in "original oil paintings," set the price range to $0 to $200 and start browsing.  I have yet to buy anything but man have I been tempted.  There are some amazing paintings for some crazy good prices (granted, you have to factor in framing costs, etc.).

I feel like art brings so much soul to a house.  My dream is to one day fill my home with original art, whole gallery walls of original art.  It just brings so much depth and feeling and character to where you live.  And I love the idea of supporting an artist in their craft.

So for the fun of it, here are some that have stood out to me.  Sorry these are just screenshots so ignore the black bands bordering some of them.

^^So sweet. Love the colors--the coral/orange and the sage green.
 ^There's something about boats that always gets me.  I didn't grow up around boats but they still feel so nostalgic to me.
 ^^Don't love the frame per se but this is a sweet little coastal scene.

^^I swear this sweet little boy is my future son.  He looks like a little gentlemen--well behaved, kind and attentive.  At least that's what I'm hoping my future son will be like! It took everything I had to hold back from buying this.
 ^^For some reason this reminds me of the story of my dad as a young boy (I think he was even a baby?).  He fell into the river with a strong current but his dad jumped in and rescued him just in time.  My dad and his brothers recounted that story several times at my grandpa's funeral and it seemed to make quite the impact on all of them.  So glad you made it Dad!
 ^^Again with the boats.
^^Dear Audrey, Ginny and Chelsea: let's hold hands and twirl in the ocean.  Oh and how about we all wear our prom dresses with fancy up-do's while we are at it! I call the blue dress! (Side note: I'm know, these are probably are just old fashioned modest swimsuits, but I think the prom dress idea sounds more fun.  Like "ya-ya sisterhood" kind of fun)
^^I'm not usually into Asian style art but I like these.
^^Such rich colors.  I'd love to walk along that path and contemplate all the deep things of life and then sip on some herbal tea in that cottage.  Wait, I don't like tea. But it seems more suiting for this scene than hot chocolate so tea it is!

I've discovered recently that a lot of the rooms I like floating around the internet have striking portraits in them (for example, this regal looking man, this lady hanging out on a bookshelfthese wise old men talking to you as you do the dishes, or this fun abstract lady above a bed).  

I used to think it was weird to have some random person you've never met hanging up on your wall, but it is kind of growing on me.  A portrait can be corky and fun and really make you think about the person you are now "hanging out with" in your home.  They can go creepy for sure, but if I find the right one then I think it could be great (like that sweet portrait of a boy above!).  Anyways, here are some portraits that intrigue me, although I'm not ready to go out and buy any one of these just yet.  
^^He looks wise but down to earth.  I feel like something is on the tip of his tongue and he is trying to decide if he should say it or hold it in. 
 ^^There's something about his posture that makes you stop and notice him. And have you ever seen a better puppy dog expression?
 ^^What is she thinking??? And what is she looking at?? This intrigues me. 
 ^^So very Anne of Green Gables-esque.  Sweet and pure but strong.
 ^^Can't you just imagine him stroking his mustache while saying something very condescending about your hairstyle?  If he was up on my wall, I would think he was disapproving of my every move.
^^She either doesn't approve of what you are doing or is entirely bored by it.  Can't really tell.

So this is what consumes my thoughts when Eleanor is napping. It's rather addicting.  Maybe one day I will get to buy one of these pieces and you will see it proudly hanging on my walls.  I can't wait!

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