Eleanor at 6 months

It's official.  6 months is the BEST age!  Everyone told me that but now I'm a believer.  Eleanor is adorable and so much fun.  Here's an update on all things Eleanor:

-She's a little charmer.  She LOVES when strangers at the store smile at her and she totally flashes them the biggest smile back.  I love it every time and I love the conversations that come from it.  I mean, really.  I become best friends with every old lady.  They tell me all about their grandkids and how much they love being a grandma.  I really love this every time, but it does mean that I have to plan on adding an extra 20 minutes to every grocery trip we take.
-Eleanor's a mover!  She's not crawling or even army crawling but who needs that when you can just roll to your destination.  She can roll pretty quickly and if something is out of her reach then she will just roll back and forth, inching forward with each roll, til she gets her desired object. I have to keep my eye on her for sure.
^^This stunned expression is so funny to me. 

-We've officially started solids!  Aaron's been counting down the days til he could feed Eleanor real food.  He would pretend sneak her food for forever.  So far she's done rice cereal, avocado and sweet potatoes. Eleanor hasn't liked much of anything so far (she'll be super eager to take that first bite and then act totally repulsed) but we are hoping to get there one day.  I've made purees so far which I like doing but I think I'll use the pouch purees when we are on the go.
-Eleanor can pretty much sit up and it is adorable.  Can you tell in these pictures?  I use to have to prop her up against the pillow but now she's doing it all herself. She's still wobbly though and will fall over after a couple minutes.

-Sleep is more abundant than ever (hallelujah!).  We've been moving her bedtime up and her typical night now is bedtime at 7 pm, wake up to eat at 5 am and then sleep until 7 or 8 am.  Life is good, although it is tough to not be able to go anywhere after 7 pm.  We play lots of Wahoo (our favorite game) or sit on our little porch and talk.
-She takes 3 solid naps a day.  I learned that I need to put her down earlier so she's usually awake for an hour in the morning then takes a 2 hour nap.  Then awake for an hour and a half and then takes an 1 1/2 nap.  Then awake for another 1 1/2 and then takes an hour nap.  Then she's up until bedtime.  I can be productive during nap times, which is great, but we struggle going out anywhere in that 1 1/2 hr awake window frame.
-At her 6 month doctor's appt she weighed in at 16 lbs and is 26 in long.

-We've been trying to use the pacifier less and less and have been giving her a little "soothie" type blanket to hold when she goes to sleep.
I love doing these photos where she's laying on her stomach, but now that she can roll over, she can not be bothered with laying in one position.  Can you tell in these next photos just how crazy active she is?
I want her to be my little baby forever.  She makes life a thousand times more fun and always gives us plenty to talk about.

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