The day Addy became a big sister {and a video!}

The most exciting thing happened on Tuesday--my sister-in-law Chelsea had her baby!  This was the happiest day for our whole family, but I think it was the very best day for Addy, who became a big sister for the first time.   Addy has been anticipating the arrival of "Baby Eloise" for quite some time now. Addy is 3 years old and totally got the whole pregnancy thing. She seemed to fully understand that her a little sister was on the way.

Besides the excitement of meeting Eloise myself, the second best part of the whole day was seeing Addy anticipate meeting her new baby sister and then seeing Addy hold Eloise for the first time.  Addy makes sure everyone knows that Eloise is her baby sister, not yours :)

So while I sort through some pictures to post of Eloise and the family, I thought I'd first share some of Addy's excitement.
^^Addy showing me her "Big Sister" shirt and demonstrating how she would hold her baby Eloise^^

And the cutest little video interview on the way to the hospital (you have to listen carefully to catch all her answers):