That time when PwC gave us a romantic getaway in San Francisco...

The title of this post may be deceiving but in all reality that's what ended up happening.

Since Aaron's first few days of his new job were in San Francisco, Pwc put him up in the St. Francis Hotel for the night.  Aaron checked to see if they put him with a roommate and when he found out he had the room to himself, I hopped on Caltrain and rode up to San Francisco to spend the night in the city with Aaron.

The St. Francis is right in Union Square (San Francisco's major shopping area) so we walked the streets and used yelp to find a good Indian restaurant.  We ended up at Little Delhi and felt like it was a good choice when we saw how many Indian people were eating at the restaurant :)  The food was good and then we finished it off by getting a Ghirardelli chocolate sundae afterwards, because that's what you do when you're in San Francisco.  Aaron told me about his first day of training and I told him how I passed the CBEST test (California's basic test for teachers and substitutes) and burnt my face with a curling iron.  It was good conversation.

The next morning Aaron had to go off to work so I got myself some breakfast from Boudin's and then headed back home to San Jose.

The whole thing was short and sweet but it sure made us love Aaron's new job!  If only we could get PwC to put us up in a hotel in the city more often ;)
 ^^Off to his 2nd day of work

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  1. So fun! Your pictures look so vibrant and pretty btw!