Soaking up home {and funny Addy-isms}

One of the very best things about living in Redwood City for the summer has been getting to spend time with my family.  While Aaron was in Belize (more on his trip soon!), I spent the week with my family in Walnut Creek.  Mom, Chelsea, Addy and I would hang out during the day and then Dad and Blair would join us at night.

I just can't get enough of little Addy.  She is the most talkative almost-two year old I have ever met.  I'm just hoping Addy will teach my kids one day how to be so cute.   One of my favorite Addy-isms has been centered on the fact that that she always refers to herself in third person--such as, "Addy, watch it" or "Addy silly" or "Addy crazy" (instead of "I want to watch it," "I'm silly," "I'm crazy"). We tried getting her to use the word "I," but she hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet. The conversations would go like this:

Chelsea: "Are you silly Addy?"
Addy (while chuckling): "Addy silly."
Chelsea: "Oh, you're silly?  Say 'I'm silly.'"
Then with a sly look and a laugh, Addy would say back: "Mommy is silly!"

It was pretty funny, especially later in the week when Aaron was home and the conversation was over poopy diapers.

Caroline: "Oh Addy.  I think you're stinky!  Go tell Aaron "I'm poopy and need my diaper changed."
Addy then runs towards the living room where Aaron is and yells, "A-ron, Caroline poooopy!!"
Aaron laughing: "Ohhh is she?"

Oh, good times, good times.

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