Pumpkin Patch

We took the kids to our go-to pumpkin patch a couple weekends ago.  While we were walking in and Eleanor run up to pumpkin after pumpkin, it hit me just how much she's grown and changed since our first pumpkin patch visit two years ago.  That first year, Eleanor strongly disliked all the pumpkins and hay.  For all the photos we have of Eleanor smiling at the pumpkin patch that year there were many more of her freaking out.  This year though Eleanor waltzed right in and got busy finding her favorite pumpkins.  She loved the hay and carried it from place to place.

While Eleanor LOVED the whole thing, it was Ford's turn to despise the experience, ha!  This is his first Halloween and I have been so excited to see another child experience the holiday season for the first time.  I was actually surprised that he wasn't into the pumpkins since he loves to climb over and touch everything.  His strong dislike may have been because Eleanor dropped him face first in the hay while trying to take a sibling picture.  Poor guy, I don't blame him for being skeptical after that experience.  I did take Ford off to the side just one and one and got a couple happy pictures of him.  He's just a handsome little guy and I love him so so much.

Eleanor ended up picking out a cute little white pumpkin and Aaron picked out a traditional orange one for the rest of the family. I plan on carving pumpkins probably Halloween morning, although Eleanor requested to draw on hers instead.  These kinds of fall traditions are my favorite.  I love this time of year :)
 ^^Ford's belly flop was just seconds after this photo
 ^^Father-son heart to heart where Aaron tried to convince Ford that this experience was actually supposed to be fun :)
 ^^Eleanor asked for this picture with Winnie the Pooh and we happily obliged.  
 ^^Man I love this kid.  He was actually enjoying the pumpkins for a bit!
^^But then he quickly turned to disliking them again :)

And for fun, here was our first trip to the pumpkin patch and here was our second :)

Happy Halloween Weekend!

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